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Created: 2021. 07. 19.

Last Modified: 2021. 07. 20.

Golang... Go is quite a funny language to me. I have a hard time taking it seriously, not because of the name, but because of the way it handles. Don't get me wrong, Go is a great tool to have under your belt, but it just feels very... "childish" ... to ME.

Other than the weird chills I get whilst working with it (I just had to get that off my back, for the record), I think Go is a pretty nifty language. Go has the "I can do anything! just not very well..." [0] feeling to it, and it is very much true! I don't write software in Go because it "fast!" or "great on memory!", I write software in Go because it "fast! ...", "to write in!".

[0] Having the aforementioned quality to it is not particularly a bad thing, I think it actually benefits Go!

Now, allow me to list some pros and cons that I have to say about Golang with some things to note while reading:

These are ...


Reasons for anyone to learn or to use Go!


Nitpicks, not deal-breakers!

One thing you might see a lot when there is talk about Go is the claim that Go hasn't "found it's niche" or "it has no real purpose". To that I say; Go's niche is it's simplicity, it's ability to introduce someone into the compiled language space, and to develop software with speed.

Who Would I Recommend Go To?

People who...

and dare I say it... anyone!



Writing An Interpreter In Go by Thorsten Ball

Writing A Compiler In Go by Thorsten Ball

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