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Entries from the last month:


Midnight Pub - inquiry - misty homechore hop

~ew's FlightLog - Re: Perl is still a great choice

~ew's FlightLog - Analog World: My Fountain Pen

Techrights - - goes open source

Gemfeed of - Perl is still a great choice


Idiomdrottning - Daily logging on al-Toril

Zach's Capsule - Music, Prediction, Games and Icons: a wide variety of projects this month!

Midnight Pub - inquiry - slow meander

Midnight Pub - mysliceoftheweb - quick question

~ew's FlightLog - Re: Technology for the Ageing

ew0k is a Teddybear - How To Actually Change DNS Servers on Debian Bullseye

Techrights -

moddedBear's log - Briar Messenger

moddedBear's log - New Lagrange Fontpack: W95FA


Trying To Be Constructive - Why i don't use the terms ‘TERF’ or ‘SWERF’

Idiomdrottning - Nej till NFT på fotografiska!

Metamatters - Gemini input, and improving client support

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Gewaltfreies Rollenspiel

Midnight Pub - mysliceoftheweb - new to

Midnight Pub - tffb - caffeinated hospitality

Midnight Pub - mouse - Midnight in the Midweek

Techrights -

The Boston Diaries - Notes on an overheard conversation about The Great American Tag Sale with Martha Stewart

The Boston Diaries - URI encoding


Midnight Pub - rusty - too stubborn for my shirt

Midnight Pub - tffb - never meant to be

Midnight Pub - milf_god - Anemoia

Midnight Pub - contrarian - Death Wish

ew0k is a Teddybear - The Case for Slow-Mo Driving

Techrights -

Ainent's Gemlog - Librem 5 USA Review

Keith Aprilnight's gemlog - HFNP: Details on the quasidomain system


Idiomdrottning - In a cloud of wallpaper, bones of salience

Midnight Pub - inquiry - Inking right along

Midnight Pub - inquiry - Here we go, inksters, here we go

Midnight Pub - tffb - a late night visit, at the corner of the bar

ew0k is a Teddybear - I Just Can’t Get Into Mistborn

Techrights -

Keith Aprilnight's gemlog - My hobby alternative to Gemini, HTTP and Gopher: HFNP (Hafnium Paging Protocol)

🤨 Curiouser and Curiouser - Making Gemipedia even better


skyjake - A Forward-Looking Statement: Impending Hiatus

An Inhabitant of Carcosa - — I ungoogled my phone.

Techrights -


Midnight Pub - strandedchangeling - the beginnings of a personal manifesto?

ew0k is a Teddybear - Why Antenna Didn't Have Direct Publishing Before

Techrights -


[untitled feed] - Some RPG Math

Idiomdrottning - The Mantle of Responsibility

Idiomdrottning - Trivial Patents

Midnight Pub - ew - Friday on my mind ...

Midnight Pub - tetris - UK 2022 and Germany 1933

Midnight Pub - milf_god - Drinks are on Me

Midnight Pub - inquiry - Handwriting just might be the write pace for me

Techrights -

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Creating a NixOS thin gaming client live USB - G-forces at Disneyland Paris

The Boston Diaries - If you have to embrace the stupid, you might as well do it well

Sergio-101's gemlog - Six Degrees of Ohio - Episode 131 - Mailer


Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Hex Karten selber generieren

Ben's Gemlog ☪ - Happy Birthday

Midnight Pub - shiloh - Ruins

Midnight Pub - mellita - 3rd Decan of Taurus

~ew's FlightLog - This and That

~ew's FlightLog - Re: A Call for a Gemini Without TLS

~ew's FlightLog - Re: The Disappearence of Sincere Conversations

~ew's FlightLog - Re: Bloat

ew0k is a Teddybear - ATTENTION: Planned Antenna Downtime Tonight

🤖 kelbot's gemlog - RE: Smol Data Centre

Techrights -


Trying To Be Constructive - Re: More thoughts on sincere conversation

Ben's Gemlog ☪ - Frank Conversations

Ben's Gemlog ☪ - Core Keeper

Midnight Pub - bartender - The Pub is Open again - RE: Selfhosting Gemini? - RE: How to set up a Gemini server

Techrights -

moddedBear's log - Session Messenger


Trying To Be Constructive - Re: The Disappearance of Sincere Conversations

Idiomdrottning - There are two kinds of notes

Midnight Pub - milf_god - Drunk ramblings @ 2 in the Morning

Techrights -

🤨 Curiouser and Curiouser - More Chilly Weather Improvements


An Inhabitant of Carcosa - — Dry Sleet (flash fiction)

Idiomdrottning - When the EU wanted to own all computers

Midnight Pub - tffb - (Mid)night pubbing, we're (Mid)night pubbing, we're walking to town

moddedBear's log - Hello Web!


Idiomdrottning - Biblical Marriage

Midnight Pub - akhet - riding the wave of agency

Midnight Pub - inquiry - The pub that posts together, mosts together

Midnight Pub - tffb - omg, have mercy!

Midnight Pub - tffb - it's almost midnight, so here's an entry for THE Midnight

smolZINE - Issue 26

Beyond Neolithic Life - BNL post | Capitalists are the real "consumers"


Shufei! - Tech - Raspad - Beat the Clock

Gemini Radio - Episode 41

Midnight Pub - yretek - Kindly, write kindly

Midnight Pub - rusty - dear big internet, why so negative

clematis' gemlog - Summer equal downtime

Sergio-101's gemlog - A new emacs lisp tiny project


The Lambda Lab, Gemini Edition - A minute

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Die fürchterliche 2W6 Tabelle

Midnight Pub - inquiry - desperately seeking seclusion (i.e. working from home)

Midnight Pub - inquiry - hot, and for my teacher too

Midnight Pub - mouse - Muddled thoughts

Midnight Pub - inquiry - the dream is over (maybe?)

Midnight Pub - rrraksamam - Dream VI


Idiomdrottning - Why are links blue and purple?

Idiomdrottning - Believe Women

Idiomdrottning - Better Website

Midnight Pub - inquiry - the brassiness of tacks

Midnight Pub - yretek - I love Berta

Midnight Pub - inquiry - Cosmic license plate clues?

GeminiLoggBookOberDadaisticus - Cute robots

The Boston Diaries - Programming, up hill, both ways

The Boston Diaries - “This is how we do things around here.”


Alex's Gemlog - In praise of git-request-pull - Arcade Stick Junior

Shufei! - Tech - Raspad - Linux MATE下さい

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Sutr Tempel Playtest in deiner Runde?

Gemini Radio - Episode 40

Midnight Pub - eaplmx - owning things

Midnight Pub - tffb - a midnight round of coffee (exactly one year later)

Gemini IOSA gemlog - I libri che ho letto nel 2021

Roche Limit - A surprising result from tracking time at work


skyjake - Cosmos Tweaks

Idiomdrottning - The Drake Equation

Idiomdrottning - Five Senses

Idiomdrottning - It has to be the radio, Ebba!

Midnight Pub - bucketfish - lines that are stuck in my head

Midnight Pub - akhet - stopping in for a nightcap

Midnight Pub - nsilvestri - Interesting Times

🤨 Curiouser and Curiouser - "Say thank you. Report bugs."

🤨 Curiouser and Curiouser - Gemipedia: a Gemini interface to Wikipedia

The Boston Diaries - Springfield isn't the most popular city name in the US


Metamatters - The Agena Approach

Midnight Pub - yretek - My Pong

Midnight Pub - wporr - Speed Fever

Sergio-101's gemlog - Some thoughts on Gemini

Sergio-101's gemlog - On automating a gemini capsule with gssg

Sergio-101's gemlog - Some thoughts on Astroneer

Sergio-101's gemlog - Setting up gssg on MacOS


skyjake - Bloat

Trying To Be Constructive - Some of the music i'm listening to - 5

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Gridmapper new release

Midnight Pub - tskaalgard - I'm behind.

Roche Limit - Focus on Remembering with Retrieval Practice

Sergio-101's gemlog - This server is running on a Raspberry Pi


Idiomdrottning - There's no home for you here

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Deutsche Dungeons

Midnight Pub - datacrime - no background noise in this pub

Midnight Pub - bucketfish - music? makes me happy

moddedBear's log - So I Installed Arch on My Work Mac

Ainent's Gemlog - A Critique of Lagrange

Keith Aprilnight's gemlog - My new project: Jeuxterm (online games in terminal)


Midnight Pub - inquiry - pub hardware query - I don't know how to build software - Writing Hello world from scratch part I: making a new ISA

nnix - DJ Vole's Week-End May 6, 2022


skyjake - On Politics

A low-key gemlog - The Elphinstone Bridge Shooting

Idiomdrottning - Intro to Yee Diagrams

Midnight Pub - rusty - Greetings, kind people

Midnight Pub - inquiry - the gdbeatles

Midnight Pub - tatterdemalion - What is horror good for?

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Using a game engine to write a graphical interface to the OpenBSD package manager

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Managing OpenBSD installed packages declaratively

Ainent's Gemlog - The Dragonoid Chronicles - Races - Orc - More Lore Written


Idiomdrottning - One "left", one "right", that's how I organize 'em

Idiomdrottning - The path through prose

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Quotes for hirelings and porters

Midnight Pub - benj - RM vs MC

Midnight Pub - inquiry - appreciating what you think

Midnight Pub - inquiry - for the love of post resurrection

Ainent's Gemlog - The Dragonoid Chronicles - Races - Orc - Appearance

The Boston Diaries - Star Wars Day?


skyjake - Lagrange v1.13: Curses TUI, Spartan, Emoji

Idiomdrottning - The limits of case-by-casing it

Idiomdrottning - Astrid vs Hitler

Idiomdrottning - Re: Popper debunked

Midnight Pub - inquiry - wondering what you think

Midnight Pub - inquiry - I took a craps for the first time in a couple years, Monday afternoon

Midnight Pub - mellita - 2nd Decan of Taurus

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - How to contribute to the OpenBSD project

Adou’s Gemlog - I’m stopping to update this gemlog

The Boston Diaries - The legality of double slashes in URIs

The Boston Diaries - I'm hoping this is a joke, because if it's not, I'm not sure what that says about our society


sferics - the plague upon our house 1 KiB May 2 2022

Idiomdrottning - Blank is Great

Idiomdrottning - The Unacceptable Speech

Midnight Pub - inquiry - beautiful "small internet" post

Midnight Pub - dsp - when to jump

moddedBear's log - A Level-Headed Take on Free Speech

Mild Dermatographia - [Living] Hikes

Ainent's Gemlog - Re: Free Speech

The Boston Diaries - Notes on an overheard conversation about tea


Shufei! - Tech - Raspad - Early Speedbumps

Martenblog - The Mauve Shroom Assembly

smolZINE - Issue 25

The Boston Diaries - It was a simple bug, but …

The Boston Diaries - A zombie site from May Days past

nnix - Scuttlebutt Service


Idiomdrottning - Where I am with D&D

Idiomdrottning - What Tasha's Cauldron should have been

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Hektodungeon auf Deutsch

Midnight Pub - inquiry - extraordinary pub

Midnight Pub - inquiry - Old McInquiry had a prompt, e-i-e-i-o

Ainent's Gemlog - Free Speech

The Boston Diaries - Musings on processing malformed Gemini (and web) requests


Idiomdrottning - Mutating Heroes

Idiomdrottning - My two rules for superhero resurrection

Idiomdrottning - Orc bashing was bad all this time

Zach's Capsule - Regular status update in an actually warm month?

Shufei! - Tech - Raspad for a Solarpunk First Look

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Thieves

Midnight Pub - mouse - Fryday on my mind

Midnight Pub - rrraksamam - Dream V

Martenblog - English Breakfast with a Dollop of Leche de Cabra Semidesnatada, Por Favor

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Blog post: just having fun making games


yumh - A Brainfuck Compiler

Alex Schroeder’s Diary - Mass combat instead of lots of rolls

Gemini Radio - Episode 39

Midnight Pub - dwaynan - Not from around here.

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog - Writing my first OpenBSD game using Godot

clematis' gemlog - OpenBSD on Apple macbook pro 14" M1 - Uncertain Future For Marginalia Search

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